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Sr. No Clubs & Societies of College  Member


Staff Club Committee
Mrs. Anshu Sharma
Dr. Pardeep Kumar


Red Cross Committee
Mrs. Parveen Rani
Mr. Rakesh Sahu


Red Ribbon Committee
Mrs. Meenakshi
Mrs. Monika 
Miss Manpreet Kaur


Cultural ActivitiesAnd Cultural Record Keeping Committee
Mrs. Gurjinder Kaur
Dr. Veerpal kaur
Dr. Sher Singh Sandhu
Mrs. Parveen Rani
Mr. Ram Singh
Miss Manpreet Kaur


Mrs. Rinkal (Nodal Officer)
Mr. Sourabh Kumar
Mrs. Meenakshi
Mrs. Divya
Mr. Vadic Gabha


Student Counselling Cell
Mrs. Onika Kamboj
Dr. Veerpal Kaur
Mr. Talwinder singh

Anti Drug/Buddy Group/Anti Narcautic/ Mission Healthy PUNJAB Dr. Ram singh
Mrs. Monika Bishnoi


Sveep Committee
Dr. Pardeep Kumar(district level)
Mr. Sourabh kumar(college level)


Photography/Press/Social Media Committee 
Mrs. Gurjinder Kaur
Mrs. Mamta Grover
Dr. Ram singh
Mr. Manish Kumar


Punjabi Maat Bhasha Committee
Dr. Sher Singh Sandhu (District Level)
Miss Manpreet Kaur(college Level)

Code of Conduct

Admission Rule & Regulations

1) Applying online alone does not entitle the candidate to admission.

2) Candidates should read the prospectus from the college website carefully before filling the admission form.

3) Separate online forms have to be filled for admission to Arts, Science and B.C.A groups. The admission form filled for one group cannot be used for admission to another group.

4) College will not be responsible for admissions rejected by the University.

5) Admission forms will not be accepted after the specified date.
6) Incomplete forms will be rejected.
7) Admission will be purely on the basis of merit.
8) Merit will be prepared on the basis of the marks obtained in the previously passed examination.9) Failed students will not be admitted.10) Admission of students with a gap case of more than two years will be done only with the approval of the Principal after the justification of the admission committee.
11) Detained students of the college will not get admission.
12) College black list or misbehaving students will not get admission.
13) Students found to have cheated twice in the home examinations of the college will not get admission.
14) B.A. Admission in the second and third category will be done only to the regular students of the year 2022-2023. If there is any change in the condition, it will be considered only after the recommendation of the college council. 
15) Candidates disqualified by the University or the Board will not be admitted.
16) For taking admission in reserved seat, the candidate will not get the benefit of reserved seat if he does not write the reserved category in the admission form and does not attach the certificate of the competent authority.
17) Reservation claim will not be approved after filling the online form.
18) In case of admission the candidate has to deposit all the fees/funds at that time otherwise his/her admission will be canceled and the next student will be admitted in his/her place.
19) The Principal may change the rules of admission if necessary.
20) If the information given in the admission form is found to be incorrect, the admission of the candidate will be canceled and the fee charged from him will not be refunded.
21) Any information regarding admission will be posted on college website and college notice board.
22) Admission is done on a formal basis. The admission of the student can be canceled at any time if found wrong by the University/Principal.
23) An admitted student cannot take admission in any other institution or take up employment. The offending student will have his/her admission canceled and the fee will not be refunded. 
24) Children (son or daughter) of teachers and employees of the college will be considered on priority basis if they fulfill the admission requirements prescribed by the University.
25) Raging is prohibited in the college. If a student is caught ragging, he will be punished and expelled from the college.
26) Revaluation results to be declared after 31st December, the reason for their delay should be communicated to the Vice-Chancellor. Only the Vice-Chancellor can permit their admission and the Syndicate will approve the same. The student shall have the right to request the Vice-Chancellor for admission to the next class. 
The following documents should be attached with the form:-
1) Date of Birth Certificate (Matric or +2 certificate)
2) Result Card or Certificate (Self Attested) of the following classes
3) Conduct certificate obtained from previous institution (Conduct certificate issued by Private Candidate Gazetted Officer/Village Sarpanch/MC)
4) Self-declaration in the form of an affidavit regarding the reasons should be given if there is any gap during studies.
5) Medical certificate of blood group.
6) Caste Certificate of Scheduled Caste/Backward Category.
7) Income certificate of SC/BC student (whose total family annual income of parents/guardian does not exceed 2.5 lakhs.)
8) Two passport size photographs.Note- On the day of interview students will bring all required original documents along with admission receipt.
Reserved Seats:-
  • SC                                                                      25%
  • BC/OBC                                                             5%
  • Border Area/Backward Area (2% each)             4%
  • Sports person                                                    2%
  • Wards of Political Sufferers/Freedom Fighters (This will also include the wards of those who have undergone and aggregate of at least three months of imprisonment in connection with Emergency/Punjabi Suba or Dharam Yudh Morcha for the demands of the State of Punjab) 2%
In case of UT Chandigarh 2% reservation be considered for the Children/Grand Children of Freedom Fighters only
  • Physical Handicapped/disabled persons i.e       3%
  1. a) Blind                        1%
  2. b) Deaf & Dumb          1%
  3. c) Other handicapped 1%
(If suitable candidate are not available in any one of these sub-categories of disabled candidates or are not found suitable for the particular course, the seats, so available will be filled up by the candidates from the other sub-categories of disabled candidates.)
  • Children/widows of defence personal killed or disabled to the extent of 50% or more in action. wards of gallantry awardees, ex-servicemen & children of serving defence personnel ex-service men.                                                                                                                                     2 %
  • Children/widows of para-military forces personnel, Punjab Police, PAP and Punjab Home Guards killed or disabled in action to the extent to 50% or more, ex-paramilitary forces personnel and children of serving paramilitary forces personnel ex-paramilitary forces personnel.       2%
  • November, 1984 riot affected displaced person, children of Army deserters killed 100% physically disabled, the children of families of persons killed as a result of terrorist Violence or by Security Forces acting in aid of civil power and the children of innocent civilians who have sustained 100% disability in terrorist violence or during operation by security forces acting in aid of civil power.                                                           2%
  • Widows/Divorced women (children)                                                                                                                                                       2%
  1. Wards of Teachers/employees of the Dept of Education                                                                                                                     2%
The Senate (P.U. Chd.) at its meeting held on 08-12-2007 Para II (4) has decided as under:-

  1. An additional seat for the single girl child for admission to a given course in the Panjab University and its affiliated colleges provided she is otherwise eligible from all angles. This benefit is also extended to one of the girls of a couple having two girls only.
  2. An additional seat for the cancer and AIDS patient for admission to a given course in the Punjab University and its affiliated colleges provided he/she is otherwise eligible.
However, it is clarified that the concession is not available in the case of candidates who are seeking admission to the next higher class on the basis of having earned compartment in 10+2 examination i.e. neither in the subject of compartment nor in the aggregate.
Selection of Subjects1) Students may be denied admission to any subject in BA Part I after completion of marks.2) If the number of candidates to keep a subject increases, then the selection of students to keep that subject will be done on the basis of the test.3) The student has to take only the subject groups given/taught by the college.4) The student will have to pay a fine of Rs 1500/- to be imposed by the university on filling the wrong subject list.
Subjects to be taughtB.A./B.Sc. Students of II and III classes/group cannot change subject or group. Compulsory subjects:-
1) English
2) Punjabi or History and Culture of Punjab
3) Environment Education & Road Safety Education Violence against women/children & drug abuse (BA/BSc 1st year)

Any three optional subjects can be taken from the following subjects:-

1) Hindi or Punjabi
2) Economics
3) History or Mathematics (must have passed Mathematics subject in 10+2)
4) Mathematics or physical education
5) Geography or Physical Education (Physical Education subject can be taken only by students who are physically fit. A physically unfit student will not         get this subject)
6) Political science
7) Computer Science (Note- Students who want to take Computer subject cannot take Physical Education and Political Science along with Computer           Science.)
Note :-  Students taking Physical Education will be tested first. Students will be given this subject only after passing the test.

Note-I -B.A. Ist (Comp. Sci. Sub. 40 Seats) Subject to the approval of P.U. Chd. Note:-
1) Combinations with less than 10 students will not be allowed.
2) The Principal shall have full right to change the subject in case of any disruption or difficulty in the schedule.
B.Sc. Non-Medical (40 Seats) Apart from the compulsory subjects:-
1) Physics (Physics)
2) Chemistry (Chemistry)
3) Mathematics (Math)

Note :-
These subjects are B.Sc. Students taking admission inPart-I must have passed from the lower class. Mathematics students must have passed Mathematics in +2 class.
1) History and Culture of Punjab will not be arranged by the college.
2) Apart from the above subjects, no student can keep any subject individually. Whose studies are not conducted in college.
Bachelor of Computer Applications (Three Year Degree Course)
A person who has passed the following examination shall be eligible to join the first year class of BCA Course:
  1. +2 examinations in any discipline with at least 50% marks.
  2. Having passed Matriculation examination with Mathematics as one of the subjects. Admission to BCA Part I shall be according to the merit and guidelines issued by Punjab University.
The Candidate selected for BCA course shall have to deposit his/her full fee immediately at the time of admission failing his/her seat shall be offered to the candidate next in waiting list.
Admission to BCA Part-II/BCA-III shall be opened to a candidate who has passed BCA I an
examination of the Punjab University from this or any other college.

Fees Concession:-
Vide Punjab Govt. (DPI Colleges) letter No. 15/19-2007 )c) Edu.-(1) 656-711 dt. 15-03-2010 for Border & Backward area college is For Girls 50% (Except University Fee and Charges), For Boys 30%  (Except University Fee and Charges)
(i) B.C.A. Ist 40 Seats (Subject to the approval of P.U. Chd.), (ii) B.C.A. IInd 40 Seats (Subject to the approval of P.U, Chd.), (iii) B.C.A. IIIrd 40 Seats (Subject to the approval of P.U, Chd.) Reserve Seats: One extra seat for cancer patient, single girl child, and special weightage for a person who appear in computer science in +1 and +2 level.

House Examination


For UG Students:
  • House examination are conducted twice an academic session i. e. one for each semester.
  • First Pre-semester examinations are held in the second week of October.
  • The second Pre-semester examinations are held in the Second week of March.
  • The pre-semester examinations are conducted in two sessions i. e. morning & evening. The timing for morning session is from 9:30 am to 11:00 am.
  • The timing for the evening session is from 12:00 noon to 01:30 pm.
  • The question papers are set from 50% of the syllabus prescribed for the semester.
  • The maximum marks for the pre-semester exams are 50% of the total marks.
  • Re-test conducted for fail students for further improvement in academic by concerned faculty.
  • Internal assessment for UG classes is
5% for academic activities (Seminars, Project work and assignments)
3% for cocurricular activities
2% for class attendance.
 *Beside this, behavior in the class, and observance of discipline is also taken into consideration.
Important Note:
  • It is mandatory to pass the house examination, failing in examination will affect the internal assessment.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory for final examination by university.
  • Grievance related to house examination, evaluation and internal assessment can be reported in the written form to registrar, House Examination.

Internal Assessment

                                                                                                                              Internal Assessment:-
  1. 10% internal assessment will be given for each subject for each semester in undergraduate classes which will be based on marks obtained by student in different class tests (5%), the project work or assignments (3%) and attendance (2%),
  2. 20% internal assessment be given for each subject for each semester of post graduate classes which will be based on written assignment (5%), snap test (5%), the participation in class discussions (3%), term paper (5%) and attendance (2%).
  3. The students who migrated from other colleges after house examinations will themselves be responsible for their internal assessment.



For appearing in university examinations at least 75% attendance is compulsory in each subject both in written and practical examinations for student otherwise such student will be detained.


  1. It is the personal responsibility of parents/guardians to get information about house examinations or attendance of their ward.
  2. If any student gets late admission due to late result then her lectures will be considered from the date of admission.
  3. The leave of any type (either sick or urgent) doesn't compensate the lecture shortage. It provides relaxation only in fine.

Conditions to Appear in University Exams

                                                                                         Conditions to appear in University Examinations:

Students are required to fulfill following conditions in order to appear in annual examinations:

  1. In house test, minimum 25% marks must be scored in total otherwise student will be detained.
  2. Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in each subject (written and practical separately)

The student who will not fulfill the above mentioned conditions won't be allowed to appear in annual examinations as a regular student but she can appear as a private candidate if she fulfills other required conditions of the university.


  1. According to the rules of the Panjab University, students having practical subjects in Arts faculty, BSC (Non-Medical) and BCA cannot appear privately.
  2. Being a private candidate, it would be the responsibility of the student herself to apply to the university.
  3. Under semester system, it is compulsory to fill university examination form in each semester. It would be the personal responsibility of the student to fill the examination form.

Tutorial Group

Library ID Card

                                                                                   Library card and Identity Card:-

  1. During admission, library card having photo and identity card to hang in neck, both will be issued to each student.
  2. It is compulsory for the students to carry these cards in college campus; otherwise strict action would be taken against the students.
  3. In case these cards are lost then it is compulsory (to file FIR) to report in police station and a copy of the same shall be submitted to the college and fine must be paid for re- issuance of these cards.
  4. Students must have library cards while entering library or while issuing books.


The institution believes that no student should be deprived of education due to financial constraints. A range of scholarships are available for the students of different categories under the agencies of government of India and Punjab government. Students can take the benefit of financial aid provided by the Government. The information regarding eligibility criteria and time line for various scholarships shared with the students on the college notice board from time to time. For additional information, students can refer the college prospectus.


  • Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship: For Colleges and Universities for Minority / Disability / Means cum Merit.

  • Dr. Ambedkar Post Matric Scholarship for SC/BC Students

  • Punjab State Merit Scholarship of (DPI Colleges) Punjab

  • Punjab Building and Other Construction Welfare Board Scholarship.

  • Scholarships Awarded by Office of Dean College Development Council (DCDC) for Cancer / Aids / Only Girl Child / Thalassemia / Physically Disabled / Sports/ Means cum Merit.



Student Portal: Admissions and Fee Payments

All new and old students may login/apply to avail student centric services.