Conditions to Appear in University Exams

                                                                                         Conditions to appear in University Examinations:

Students are required to fulfill following conditions in order to appear in annual examinations:

  1. In house test, minimum 25% marks must be scored in total otherwise student will be detained.
  2. Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in each subject (written and practical separately)

The student who will not fulfill the above mentioned conditions won't be allowed to appear in annual examinations as a regular student but she can appear as a private candidate if she fulfills other required conditions of the university.


  1. According to the rules of the Panjab University, students having practical subjects in Arts faculty, BSC (Non-Medical) and BCA cannot appear privately.
  2. Being a private candidate, it would be the responsibility of the student herself to apply to the university.
  3. Under semester system, it is compulsory to fill university examination form in each semester. It would be the personal responsibility of the student to fill the examination form.

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